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No Shot Hockey Goal Not That Impressive

January 16, 2013

Wasn’t excited about this shot. If I’m a teammate or a coach, I’m actually pretty pissed off you pulled this shit. I mean you shouldn’t be pulling bullshit trick shots in a shoot out. Saving grace is that it worked and he looks like he’s a fucking genius revolutionizing hockey shoot outs.

Tough to hate on Lehtera since the goalie bit and looked like a little bitch when he could have just stood there. This is just like when a guy bobbles a kickoff 8 yards deep in his own endzone and takes it to the house. Shouldn’t happen. Coach pats you on the ass and says never do that again.

Don’t even have a hockey team in Atlanta anymore though. So what do I know? I’m in the ever wise Mac of Always Sunny school of thought on this though. Just skate up and shoot a sick slap shot. Otherwise you just look like a jabroni.


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  1. Tim permalink

    Sunny school of thought*

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