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T’eo-ing, It’s Gonna Be a Thing

January 17, 2013



Does anyone actually believe Te-o’s BS that he wasn’t involved in this hoax? There’s only two possibilities in this situation. Either he’s a total fucking moron or a complete sociopath. I guess he’s trying to pull of the moron thing. There’s enough moron’s out there that he’ll just kind of get lost in the mix.

Personally, if I pulled off a hoax this big I’d just fucking own it. Just call a press conference a start jerking off while looking dead into the camera and say, “Yeah you dumb fucks, this shit gets me hard.”

Normally I’m not a fan of these stupid poses or planking or whatever other bullshit people do in pics but I’m swept up in the moment here. I’m sure I’ll have another post in a week where I’m saying Te’o-ing needs to stop!



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