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This Could Be the Greatest Movie Ever

January 17, 2013

Spring Breakers. Video speaks for itself. Vanessa Hudgens and 3 other hot chicks running around grinding their asses off and acting slutty in bathing suits. Yup, I’m there. Franco running around with a grill in and dreads? I swear he’s been blazed ever since he hosted the Oscars. That’s the only way you go from


Obviously this movie is going to be horrible. But at least it knows it’s supposed to be horrible.  It’s essentially Piranhas 3D with less gore and some new, young, tight asses. That’s hard to complain about.

And may I just say these other 3 chicks blow Selena Gomez out of the water in sex appeal. They know how to slut it up. They’re vets and she’s their little rookie bitch. She’s gonna come out of this movie so much hotter than when she went in.


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