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Falcons Fan Stabbed Post Game. Can’t Decide if I’m Surprised

January 21, 2013

AJCAccording to Channel 2, a Falcons fan, having just left the Georgia Dome after Atlanta’s NFC Championship Game defeat, began arguing with a small group of 49ers fans in the silver lot outside Gate D. The argument escalated, say witnesses, with the Falcons booster punching a San Francisco fan.

At that point, someone pulled out a knife, slashing one of the fans, a 35-year-old man, in the throat area, reports Channel 2. He was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital in stable condition.

The slasher remains at large.

Talk about piling on. After what was one of the most dismal 2nd half performances I’ve ever seen, fans leaving the game start shit talking and then a 49ers fan STABS A MAN IN THE THROAT.  I mean, what the hell? Matt Ryan’s inability to take a snap wasn’t enough? The defense being unable to stop Vernon Davis or Frank Gore didn’t give you a smug sense of self satisfaction? You’ve got to shut up a falcons fan by stabbing him in the throat?

Although looking at this crowd in the video, I think a similar argument and outcome could’ve been had over a McRib. Welcome to Atlanta folks. Where you can slit throats outside major sporting events and then probably get away with it.

I’ve also never understood shit talking after you’ve lost the game. Yelling about how you’re a much better team after you just got your shit pushed in never made too much sense to me. If I’m headed out of a loss that bad, I’m duckin my head and hustling to the car. No need to bring my loud ass mouth to a knife fight.


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