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Stabbing Outside Georgia Dome Food Related. When You’re Right, You’re Right

January 23, 2013

YahooA 46-year-old man has been arrested in a stabbing near the Georgia Dome following the Falcons’ NFC Championship game loss.

Georgia Dome spokesman Jason Kirksey says James Lewis McCoy of Villa Rica was arrested Tuesday by the Georgia World Congress Center Authority Police Department. Information on McCoy’s charges was not immediately available.

Kirksey says the stabbing may have been over an argument about food during a tailgate party outside the Georgia Dome Sunday. Some initial reports indicated it came from a dispute between football fans. But Kirksey said neither McCoy nor the person stabbed attended the game.

Well I said it before. That this stabbing could have easily been over a McRib. Now here’s the thing that I’m not understanding. Investigators find out that neither guy went to the game and all of a sudden it’s a sure thing that they weren’t arguing over the game?

Bullshit. The drunkest, rowdiest people are the ones who didn’t go into the game and just sat in the parking lot listening on the radio and getting hammered drunk off left over kegs and bagged wine. Can’t tell you how many Braves games I’ve missed trying to kill a keg in the parking lot and just saying fuck it after 5 innings because my ticket was $2.

Not to say this couldn’t have just as easily been about who gets to take that leftover bag of hot dog buns home. Goddamn 8 packs of buns with 6 packs of dogs. Who the hell needs exactly 48 hot dogs? Understandable frustration. Only option was to go straight for the jugular.


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