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Bourdain Misses Flight Delayed Over Wet Deuce

January 23, 2013


Suck it up Anthony Bourdain. Oh no! Somebody shit their pants on an airplane! It’s the end of the fucking world! Grow up. After living in a fraternity house for 4 years, I basically assume that everything in the public domain has been fucked on, pissed on, or shit on at some point with maybe a bit of all 3 happening at once.

Your gonna change planes because some guy whose hungover as fuck took a damp beer shit on the seat? Suck it up. Some poor, unattractive AA stewardess is cleaning that shit up and you’re just upturning your nose like your shit don’t stink.

Go tweet about iCarly you creepy fuck. Everybody Poops. Ever heard of it?

PS. In re-reading this it occurred to me that I not only sound like the guy who pooped on the plane, but I also assumed it was a hungover, grown ass man who pooped on the plane. I might be projecting a little here.


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