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And The Pussification of America Continues: Schools Required To Change Athletic Rules To Accomodate Disabled Kids

January 25, 2013

AJCThe U.S. Department of Education sent out one of its clarifying “Dear Colleague” letters today, this one explaining school districts’ legal obligations to provide equal access to extracurricular athletic activities to students with disabilities…

The guidance letter provides examples of the types of reasonable modifications that schools may be required to make to existing policies, practices, or procedures for students with intellectual, developmental, physical, or any other type of disability. Examples of such modifications include:

  • The allowance of a visual cue alongside a starter pistol to allow a student with a hearing impairment who is fast enough to qualify for the track team the opportunity to compete.
  • The waiver of a rule requiring the “two-hand touch” finish in swim events so that a one-armed swimmer with the requisite ability can participate at swim meets

Look, public schools suck. They’ve got shoe string budgets and a bunch of lower tier college grads who wanted to take their summers off. It’s bad enough we have to pretend that everybody’s just as smart as the next kid in the classrooms but now we’ve got to let every Tom, Dick, and Helen Keller into athletics?

Look I was no Al Bundy in high school but I didn’t ask for anybody to start making rules to make it easier for me to compete. If your deaf, you don’t run track. If you have one arm, you can’t swim because the rules require two to finish a race. What about a guy with no arms? If his little merman ass can compete does everybody have to start bashing their faces on the wall to finish a race? Quit trying to make everybody feel special. School is about preparing you for the real world. Where no one gives a shit that you’re great at your job if you have to have a forklift drop you off because of your “gland problem”.

One size fits all stuff blows. Quit trying to make the world that way.


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