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A New Crime Family Emerges in Atlanta

January 28, 2013

AJC More than a dozen burglars ran into a southwest Atlanta shoe store after ramming a stolen car through the front of the business early Monday, police said.

According to Atlanta police Sgt. Greg Lyon, the thieves backed a Dodge Intrepid through the front doors of the Foot Locker store in the 2600 block of Metropolitan Parkway just before 3 a.m.

The vehicle damaged a brick wall in front of the store, as well as the front glass and burglar screens.

Lyon said that security video showed approximately 15 suspects entering the store and began stealing shoes and clothing before making a getaway in what investigators believe was a dark red Chevrolet pickup truck.

Really? With the great chicken wing caper under way this vicious new crime syndicate makes another hit and attempts to take over a huge chunk of the seedy underworld of Atlanta… The stolen Adidas ring. The police are advising civilians to beware anyone wearing “fresh kicks”. We can only hope that investigators are following the leads to find the boss of this new crime family.

I really think this could go all the way to the top…


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