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God I Love Russia

January 28, 2013

I mean this is some Red Dawn nonsense here. Just cruising down the highway when Comrade Sergey lets the Panzer get away from him for a moment and cruises across the tundra and onto the interstate. Do they have interstates? It’s all corrupt government officials and black market economy over there. Every business meeting starts with shots of vodka and the fashion sense hasn’t progressed since the end of the cold war. Add to that the bears on unicycles, the beautiful women, and death race style driving. What do you get? Some crazy blend of the coke fueled 80s, the Wild West, and Capone era politics and driving.

In case you’re wondering, yes that’s Vladimir Putin topless on horseback. They call him the horse whisperer.

Really every young man’s dream. Gonna visit for sure. I’ll just try to keep on the mob(s)’ good side(s) and see if I can’t worm my way into taking a joy ride in a tank or trading some decent vodka for a Kalashnikov.

In the meantime, fucking everyone in Russia has dash cams because all their insurance companies are (surprise!) corrupt as well. So keep the videos coming comrades!


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