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Plane Hit By Lightning and Everybody’s a Cool Customer

January 28, 2013

Frankly I’ve never understood freaking out on an airplane. I’ve definitely been in some pretty gnarly turbulence. There’s always some woman or little kid who starts hyperventilating or freaking out. Sack up, shut up, and sit down. These passengers are so fucking calm I can’t even believe it. Nobody’s panicking and the goddamn plane is on fire.

I mean it’s the perfect response. Like you whining about how you wish you had gotten laid or how your little brats aren’t gonna have their mommy growing up doesn’t help anybody. You just annoy the shit out of everyone who realizes if the plane’s going down it’s going down whether or not you make an ass of yourself.

If these people aren’t panicking on Turkish Airways then you can calm the fuck down on a Delta owned 737. And if you’re prone to panic, either liquor up or get medicated down so I don’t have to hear how you wish you had followed your photography passion after college instead of being a barista for the last 12 years (true story).


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