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Audi Commercial is Boss. Of Course Feminists Have An Issue With It

January 29, 2013

Basically this kid’s going stag to prom. So, dad let’s him drive the Audi. He gets in the car and BOOM; changes his whole outlook on life. Parks in the principal’s spot, walks into the prom, and kisses the prom queen square on the mouth. Prom king and presumably her date knocks him on his ass for scooping his girl. He drives away with a black eye and the janitor has to bring out the “caution, wet floor” sign no one slips where the prom queen was just standing. End line reads, “Bravery. It’s what defines us.” Great commercial.

This site of feminist guys however, are up in arms about the whole thing. Stating:

Is this really the definition of #bravery, as Audi touts? Is that how we want boys — coming of age and somewhat socially awkward — to think about the world? That all they need is one manly instrument — in this case a car — to turn them into a sexually aggressive animal? (The boy even howls at the end. You know, like an animal.)

Uh… Yeah, it is. Guess what? Guys like to take risks. That’s a scientific fact. Women like to pretend they hate this shit until it works, like in this commercial. Then it’s spontaneous and they’re getting attention and ooooooh we can tell this story about how romantic he was at parties!!!! So everybody just calm down. 999 times out of 1000 this shit wouldn’t work. Girl would flip (not in a good way). Guy would still get his ass kicked and end up with some sexual harassment lawsuit and probably kicked out of school. Given that fact, how the fuck is this not brave? Look all Audi’s saying is that the V8 rattled some testicular fortitude into this kid’s sack.

Is it really so bad to insinuate that spontaneity and unbridled courage can get a little win every once in awhile?


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