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JJ Watt Proposes to Six Year Old. World Loves Him

January 31, 2013

HoustonChronThis story — one of the cutest and sweetest stories about any NFL player you’ll read — is another reason why J.J. Watt has become one of the most popular Texans. Watt, the Texans star defensive end, heard about a YouTube video (below) that was posted in which a 6-year-old girl was crying because she wasn’t 25 years old. The girl’s mother said that she could marry Watt if she were 25 years old. So through Facebook, Watt tracked down the family. And he went and asked 6-year-old Breanna to marry him for the day. “Thanks to your help,” Watt wrote on Facebook,” we found 6-year-old Breanna and she said yes to being my pretend wife for the day.” And he posted the pictures on Facebook to prove it. It’s almost impossible not to be a fan of J.J. Watt.

I think he’s kind of a fucking dick. Since when is giving a kid something they want and then saying, “ha ha, no I’m just playing” to a 6 year old a heart warming affair? Like if I showed up with a pony and said, “hey little girl! This is Buttercup! She’s all yours now!” Then like 6 hours later her mom had to tell her that Buttercup isn’t really hers and fuck your feelings right because it’s fucking cute when you cry! By the way when buttercup dies she gets made into that glue you like Pasteater! In no other circumstance is making a little girl cry revered on the internet.

So I ;m gonna ahead and pile on the admiration too. I salute you as well JJ Watt. Not because you made a six year old happy, but because you made her cry and got nothing but internet praise for it.


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