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Fuck Today

February 4, 2013

This day blows. Somewhere between cannonballing Makers last night and watching a murderer win the Lombardi I just knew today was going to be awful. The drinking binge really kicked off right at the blackout when it seemed like it was going to be a routing of the 49ers. Ended up being a hell of a game though.

What is it with New Orleans inability to be a decent city? Just a bunch of chest thumping idiots who insist that their city is a great cultural location when it’s basically a glorified Panama City Beach with swamp instead of beach. Just an awful culture combo down there. Mixing in French with a bunch of people obsessed with jazz music? That’s just a recipe for the most pompous asshats on the planet. Have you ever met someone who’s a huge jazz fan? They’re massive twats about it. They act like they’relistening to Mozart and Bach and if you don’t love Miles Davis you might as well only listen to Bieber. To cap it all off they can’t manage to keep the power on for four consecutive hours during the biggest sporting event of the year. Total choke artists but their delusional asses will be proud of the whole thing.

They’re like parents with asshole kids who can’t stop talking about how fucking great their kids are even though they’re fat and stupid. Except their kid is a city that’s poor, riddled with political and sporting corruption, and pretty much where people go to be total degenerates. Hmmmm, now that I think about it, I might be starting to come around for New Orleans.

PS. I think I just made someone dry heave in the bathroom. I mean my eyes watered up but I can handle my own brand. Like I said, Fuck Today.


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