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Hey-O!, Grandpa’s Got a Mean Right

February 5, 2013

You’ve gotta kind of expect stuff like this as a reporter right? Especially these investigative ones whose job is to bother the shit out of local con artists. I imagine when that brittle old hand hit that Patton Oswalt look alike’s face that he started thinking about his dreams of being a respected journalist. Anchoring next to some Christina Applegate type who he’s banging while he slips it to the Latin weather girl on the side.


Instead he’s chasing down geriatrics whose only crime is taking money from people too cheap or too stupid to a) do their own tax returns, b) have a personal accountant, or c) just drop it off at H&R block like every other lazy ass out there.

PSA: Every guy should know how to take a punch and not look like a bitch afterwards. Unless you get KO’d, take punches like a man and don’t crouch like a little bitch while some guy who smells like Bengay and can tuck his balls into his socks stands over you.


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