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And The Pussification of America Continues: 9 Students Arrested After Food Fight

February 5, 2013

AJCNine students were arrested following a food fight at a Henry County high school, and more students could face charges, the school district said Monday. Administrators at Ola High School in McDonough were aware of the plans for the food fight and warned students of the possible consequences, John Hardin, school spokesman, told Channel 2 Action News. But on Friday, the fight took place in the school’s cafeteria anyway. One student was injured during the fracas and the cafeteria was damaged, Hardin said. Nathan Brunnert, Whitney Camp, Jimmy Dobson, Devin Graziani and Courtney Striplin were arrested, in addition to four juveniles, whose names were not released.

Since when did high school become a Nazi prison camp? To be fair, I’m just assuming that at some point in this country’s history you could throw some mashed potatoes across the lunch room without ending up in prison. My high school was just as strict though and shit like this could easily get you a suspension or even expelled. But damn, a little premeditated tater toss and you’ve got to get the local PD involved? Who are you trying to impress because it ain’t workin.

Look, we’re obviously not the brightest bulbs in the nation down here. Pretty sure we come in 48th in the country every year for average SAT score and I still hear the phrase Git ‘r Dun!!! far too often. So let’s cut the kids a little slack. They’re not exactly plotting The Great Escape here.

PS. You just know that everybody hates the little bitch who got hurt in the food fight. Just ruining everybody’s good time. Suck it up, buy an eyepatch, and keep your mouth shut. That’s kid code 101.


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