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New Ratatat Video, Drugs, Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable Yet Mesmerized

February 5, 2013

Trippy stuff right here. Pretty weirded out by the whole thing.  Gotta give major props to these actors though. Just masters of handling awkwardness. Probably just had to creepily do these poses for hours on end with total strangers.

Being a director for stuff like this must just be an absurd power trip. Just make actors do whatever you want to get in a video.  Just epic weirdness has to be going on all the time. I bet the whole casting couch thing is a lot less weird than some of the stuff actresses have been asked to do. “Bark like a dog. Nuzzle her neck. Look uncomfortable… More uncomfortable! Touch your toes. Don’t look at me!”

PS. My boss now thinks I’m an even bigger weirdo than before since this guy was on screen while he walked by. Goddamit Ratatat.


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