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Deer Antler Spray Scandal as Imaginary As My Old Internet Girlfriend

February 7, 2013

Bloomberg — The banned substance that the Sports Illustrated story identified is known as insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1. It’s an anabolic hormone that stimulates muscle growth. It is manufactured synthetically, but it apparently can also be found in microscopic quantities in the velvet of immature deer antlers. Does deer-antler spray, in turn, contain trace amounts of IGF-1? Quite possibly. But so do other animal-food products. Sports Illustrated might just as well have rattled off a list of athletes who drink milk. After all, cows are often given bovine growth hormone, which increases the production of IGF-1. For that matter, the FDA allows livestock farmers to inject cattle with synthetic steroids such as trenbolone, a favorite among bodybuilders who are looking to mass up quickly before a competition.

You can probably find deer antler at your local natural products store. (That is, if it hasn’t already sold out. The Sports Illustrated story evidently created a run on the stuff.) It isn’t considered a drug, though it has long been used in Chinese medicine and has more recently become a popular dietary supplement, with aggressive marketing claims that it can help consumers not only build muscle but also slow down the aging process.

 Boom! Called it. Deer antler spray ain’t no thang. Just a really smart marketing strategy that meatheads and people who believe in eastern medicine jump on like it’s nobody’s business… What idiots!! Now where did I put that receipt…


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