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Carjacker Finds Baby in Back Seat and Immediately Panics

February 8, 2013

Huff — Seven-month-old Ayanna Julbe went on a wild ride a few nights ago after the car she was sitting in was carjacked. On Tuesday night, Ayanna’s parents, Patrick Julbe and Jennifer Rodriguez, left her to idle in their idling SUV while they went to look at a phone case in a Bronx store. When no one was watching, Ayanna was accidentally kidnapped when the vehicle was carjacked, according to the New York Post. “He said, ‘Oh, look at this phone. She stepped out for a second as well,’” family friend Krystal Guzman told WCBS-TV “As she stepped out, some dude took the truck and apparently didn’t know the baby was in the back.” The suspect quickly figured out that he had stolen more than a gas hog, and did something unusual for any car thief: He called 911. Twice. After letting the authorities know that he’d made a mistake, he dumped the SUV at Goble Place and Jerome Avenue in the Bronx so the authorities could retrieve Ayanna, reported. She was found unharmed, still in the back seat and taken to Montefiore Hospital for observation, according to the New York Daily News.

Nothing kills the mood faster than finding a fucking baby. Doesn’t matter if you’re stealing a car or trying to get laid. Toddlers will always make you hit the brakes. It’s like finding a nail in your hamburger. Absolute nausea and panic. One little whine out of their toothless mouths and the inherent male instinct is to panic and get the fuck away.

I mean, he left the whole car and just ran away. How nuts is that? Like he couldn’t just take the car seat out and put it on the ground. He left the whole goddamn car. And now the police are all pissy because technically he’s a kidnapper. Just a really rough day for your common car thief.


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