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Maker’s Mark To Reduce Alcohol Content

February 11, 2013

CNNThe bourbon producer, known for its signature red wax-sealed bottles, is watering down its whiskey in an effort to meet rising global demand. The change was first announced in a letter from company executives to loyal customers. “Fact is, demand for our bourbon is exceeding our ability to make it, which means we’re running very low on supply,” wrote Rob Samuels, the company COO. Samuels said that “after looking at all possible solutions,” the company was reducing alcohol by volume by 3%. However, it seems likely that alcohol by volume will instead be reduced by three percentage points. Prior to the announced change, Maker’s Mark was 45% alcohol by volume, and according to company literature, the bourbon is now 42% alcohol by volume, a reduction of 6.7%.

Nope. Not cool Maker’s Mark. I take my bourbon drinking very seriously. You need to just pump the brakes here. You’re talking about watering down your own booze. No respectable liquor maker would consider this. Have some fucking pride. You’re not schilling out Evan Williams or Black Velvet over here. You actually make really decent bourbon.

At least have the courtesy to not tell me your doing it. Every bourbon maker should know that ignorance is bliss….. That’s why we drink bourbon.


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