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Bama Players Just Acting Like They Own the Planet

February 12, 2013


AJCThree University of Alabama football players were arrested Monday on robbery charges and a fourth was accused of fraudulent use of a credit card, according to Tuscaloosa County Sherriffs Office records posted at Police booked Eddie Williams, 20, Tyler Hayes, 18, and Dennis Pettway, 20, on second-degree robbery charges and also accused the three of fraudulent use of a credit card. Police arrested teammate Brent Calloway, 20, for alleged credit card fraud. Tuscaloosa police had arrested Williams on Monday and charged him with carrying a gun without a permit, according to the Sherriff’s Office. Three of the players players were reserves on Alabama’s 2012 BCS national championship while Williams did not play during the 2012 season. SB Nation noted that the players were top recruits for coach Nick Saban.

Which they basically do. I mean, I’d just start doing whatever I want too if I was a Bama football player. At this point that whole organization basically owns the southeast. SEC football is a big fucking deal and they’re the most dominant force down here for two years running. I guarantee people in Alabama would vote to start another Civil War if Nick Saban asked them too. The man just has that much power. People would sacrifice their first born their team win a national championship so a little old thing like secession probably wouldn’t even phase them as long as they still got to be part of a superconference.

Almost any other football team would be worried about losing “top recruits” but this probably won’t even phase them. They just happen to have the best recruiting class in the nation so at worst some dominant freshman beast has to play a little early.

PS.  Never understood college athletes carrying fucking guns. Literally everyone in that town worships the ground you walk on. Who are you gonna shoot? Unless you’re going to Auburn Rodeo I can’t think of a good reason to pack heat as a Bama player living in Tuscaloosa.

Man I need to go to Auburn Rodeo…


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