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Olympic Committee Gets Rid of Wrestling

February 12, 2013

Houston Chron

Not really one of the ones I’d have liked to see go. I’m pretty sure wrestling’s been an Olympic event ever since Greek guys liked to be oily, which is basically forever. I’ve always thought it was a pretty weird sport to get into though. Lot of nut sack grabbing. Half the moves end up looking like two dudes trying to act out the Kama Sutra and not nearly as entertaining as Hulkamania. At least it was about brute strength and technique and metaphorically making another country your bitch though. Literally you represent your country and another country just manhandles you. The only thing that could have made it better was making the loser yell Uncle in the other guys native language and allowing an occasional arm bar. That or just chicks under 120 lbs in Jello. Also an improvement.

PS. Really had to hold onto taekwondo, huh? Just two dudes pussyfooting around not allowed to use their hands. Basically the soccer of martial arts.


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