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Mexican Guy in CT Pleads Not Guilty to Assault After Eating Cousin’s Ear

February 14, 2013

Huff — A Connecticut man accused of biting off his cousin’s ear lobe and swallowing it during a fight over loud music has pleaded not guilty to assault and other charges. Twenty-seven-year-old Emilio Mendoza, of Stamford, was arraigned Wednesday in Stamford Superior Court and ordered held on $50,000 bail. The Advocate of Stamford reports ( that Mendoza’s cousin and roommate, 31-year-old Clemente Perez-Ruiz, also pleaded not guilty Wednesday to assault and disorderly conduct charges connected to the brawl. A good portion of his left ear was missing. Stamford police say the two men were intoxicated and started fighting after Perez-Ruiz asked Mendoza to turn down the music. Police say Mendoza admitted swallowing the ear lobe. Mendoza’s lawyer said he hadn’t seen the police report detailing the allegations and declined to comment.

What’s that bro? Did you say not guilty? Finish chewing and swallow so you can enter your plea. Love it when people can just bold faced lie about stuff like this. Almost better than the kid with sprinkles on his face the other day. Didn’t even know that he had already admitted to the cops that he swallowed the ear lobe. Might as well have had the Tyson tat on his face in the mugshot.

Top notch public defenders up there by the way. If your name’s Mendoza and you live in CT I just assume you just get some art history major barista who hasn’t even heard of the bar exam yet.

PS. What happened to keeping it in the family? ¡Not cool ese!


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