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$50k Hair Extension Heist in Houston

February 15, 2013

Source — The trio tore through a fence, a steel door, two walls and crawled to avoid being detected by burglar alarm sensors. Owner Jay Youm said, “I just went, blank. I was upset. I was mad.” The crooks stole $50,000 worth of real human hair from the building. A stylist who works at the store said, “Everybody wants expensive hair.” The extensions are sold in boxes that are about a foot long. The strands cost $50 to $150. “They went straight to the section where I have the most expensive hair on display and that’s all they took,” said Youm. The surveillance video shows the men crawling away with bags full of extensions. The store’s owner suspects the men had been in the store before to plan the break-in. Investigators looked for fingerprints, but found none.

The perfect crime! It’s lightweight and untraceable! Although those three guys selling trashbags full of hair on the corner might raise an eyebrow. They’ll probably have to lay low for awhile and find a good hair fence.

Had no idea about the street value for hair. It’s trading at $150 a strand! I’m surprised these guys aren’t scalping people in their houses like Navajo Indians.

PS. Also, is it just me or is it really fucking creepy that people trade in dead human parts? It’s basically like selling skin for somebody else to wear. Little too Silence of the Lambs for me.

Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me.


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