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FSU Loses $440k and Reminds Me ACC Football Sucks

February 18, 2013

Crying Indian

Warchant — Florida State took the trophy home from the 2012 ACC championship game in December. It also brought back debt. According to the school’s income statement from the game, obtained by via public records request, Florida State lost more than $478,000 from its participation in the ACC championship in Charlotte, N.C., on Dec. 1. About $440,000 of FSU’s loss stems from dismal ticket sales for its matchup against 6-6 Georgia Tech. The league announced that 64,778 tickets were distributed, but Bank of America Stadium never reached half-capacity during FSU’s 21-15 win. It was the first time in the game’s three years in Charlotte that it wasn’t labeled a sellout.

It’s official. ACC football is so bad it actually makes schools lose money. In a sport in the South where schools normally rake in the dough hand over fist, FSU managed to lose half a million dollars over the ACC Championship. It turned out to be a pretty exciting game but FSU is still paying out of pocket for the whole debacle and I’m shuddering just wondering when the figures on GT’s losses are going to come in. The perennial suckiness of the ACC reared its ugly head and nobody showed up to Charlotte.

Not gonna lie, I didn’t go to the game either, but I could’ve for about $4. That’s how low tickets started selling on StubHub leading up to the game. It was literally more expensive to take a tour of Bank of America Stadium on any day that wasn’t the ACC Championship than to get a ticket.

Even after FSU and GT went on to win their bowl games, the whole feeling about both seasons was lackluster at best. The ACC has no teeth. And it’s not just because Miami and UNC were postseason ineligible. The whole conference is unexciting and hasn’t produced a dominant team in years. Apparently we are living in an era of SEC dominance right now that has no clear end in sight. I don’t foresee any superconference restructuring that will facilitate any bite to back the ACC’s bark either.

Guess I’ll just have to stay content with GT basketball for now. FML…

P.S. Cheer up FSU. At least you’ve got this going for you:


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