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Grammy Crasher Snakes Adam Levine’s Seat and Accepts Adele’s Award

February 18, 2013


THRAt the moment Jennifer Lopez presented Adele with her Grammy for best pop solo performance, the evening’s first award, a man in a tuxedo and black glasses appears at the microphone to greet the “Set Fire to the Rain” singer. “It’s such an honor to receive this award,” the man can be heard saying as a stunned Adele climbs the stairs to the podium, adding, “I love you, Adele.” Lopez then gives the man a stern look and, with a flick of the thumb, gestures him off stage…. The identity of that man can now be revealed: It was none other than Vitalii Sediuk, a TV presenter on Ukraine’s 1+1…

A source close to the prankster tells The Hollywood Reporter that Vitalli managed to infiltrate the Grammys ceremony despite holding no ticket or credentials of any kind. He walked by security guards and strolled down the red carpet before entering Staples Center alongside Katy Perry. Once inside the arena, he took a seat in the second row, directly behind Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel. The source says the A-list position actually was the one assigned to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, a latecomer who took a seat on the floor when he found his assigned seat had already been filled.

Adame Levine is pretty much a huger bitch than Adele right? Pretty much the least rockstar moment of all time. This dude just scoops his Grammy seat and Levine just sits on the floor like he just finished nap time and is about to dump out his K’NEX. Dude, when you have a chance to be staring down Katy Perry’s chest as she claps, wiggles, and jiggles her way through the Grammy’s you claim your fucking territory. Can’t expect a lot of cajones from the badass who brought you “Moves like Jagger” though.

P.S. Hey Grammy’s, good job beefing up that security with a murderous cop on the loose. Just gonna let psychotic reporter’s on the stage to eye fuck J-Lo and accept the white whale’s awards huh?


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  1. Hello! Adam is not spelled AdamE! Spell check!

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