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FAU to Rename Stadium After Prison Company. Cop Out or Power Move?

February 19, 2013


Source — Florida Atlantic is expected on Tuesday to finalize a deal with The GEO Group that includes naming rights for the football stadium, sources have told The deal is believed to be valued at around $5 million, though the term of the contract is not yet known. The GEO Group is a leader in privatizing correctional facilities. Its CEO, George Zoley, holds bachelor’s  and master’s degrees from FAU. He has served as a member of FAU’s Board of Trustees and was at one point the Board’s chairman.

POWER MOVE! This just makes sense. It makes a ton of sense. Way to go FAU! Just accepting what their kids and staff would be without football! Love that they can admit this to themselves. This is like watching a girl start wearing cheer leading shorts that say Slut or Whore. Ultimate power move. Knowing you’re a tramp and not caring if daddy or half the school knows it. In this case your university is just a funnel for the local slammer and you don’t even care if the whole world knows it.

They’ll probably just adopt the Steelers prison style throwbacks for jerseys. Maybe start calling their sideline refs the chain gang. Horseplay in the locker room is going to get a little different, and I get the feeling the players are gonna tighten up those sphincters next time somebody drops the soap.

You do you, FAU. Loud and proud and serving 3-5.

P.S. Who’s gonna be the prison bitch? My money is on the kicker but I’d imagine the managers and mascot might be in line for a cock meat sandwich as well.


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