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Never Underestimate People’s Ingenuity When It Comes to Getting High

February 19, 2013


HuffPoA man allegedly overdosed from smoking his girlfriend’s medicated back patch, Greenfield, Wis. police say. But that’s not how the story originally went. According to Greenfield Patch, the girlfriend, 33, called 911, claiming her boyfriend was having some sort of reaction after helping her apply her Fentanyl patch. Upon arrival, paramedics diagnosed the 40-year-old man’s condition as a drug overdose. They also say they found a crack pipe in his pocket — though he later told authorities the pipe must have been left in his jeans from years ago when he used to smoke crack. The man allegedly admitted to smoking the Fentanyl patch by placing it on aluminum foil, lighting it from below, and inhaling with a straw. Officers found such drug paraphernalia in the couple’s “common sleeping area,” Patch reported. Both were arrested on possession charges.

In 2011, Canadian authorities found a drug lab — the first of its kind — producing the substance. Fentanyl can be 6,000 times stronger than morphine when in its pure form.

I wasn’t even aware this stuff existed and this guy’s engineering ways to extract it in his fucking den. Pretty sure that’s the most innovative thing to come out of Wisconsin since Barry Alvarez. Addicts will build a goddamn rocket ship to get high if need be. If you told a bunch of crack heads that they discovered crack rocks on the surface of Mars, they’d build a ship out of their homeless shelters and suck enough dick to buy rocket fuel to get there in 2 years. Some serious motivation in that crew. Just put some household supplies in front of them and give them a 7th grade chemistry textbook and see what new super drugs they come up with.

P.S. Gotta love the old, “that’s from when I used to smoke crack” argument to explain your crack pipe. Like when you find a 20 in your coat pocket from last winter. Pretty much the same thing.



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