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Mom Gets Strippers For Son’s Sweet 16. Gets Arrested Instead of Mother of the Year Award.

February 20, 2013

Source — Police say a 33-year-old upstate New York woman accused of hiring strippers for her son’s 16th birthday party has been arrested on child endangerment charges. South Glens Falls police tell local media outlets Judy Viger of Gansevoort faces five counts of endangering the welfare of a child. They say she hired two women who did lewd dances for five teens under the age of 17 during the party at a bowling alley. The investigation began after people concerned about the November party showed authorities racy photos posted online. One showed a scantily clad, tattooed woman clinging upside down to a seated teen as others looked on.

How did MTV’s Sweet 16 not get all over this party? Granted it’s not a high end affair like they’re used to but it’s definitely worth some air time. It would be way better than every other episode of that show where kids just whine and snivel about how their new Beamer is the wrong color or how daddy promised Drake but they got Miley Cyrus instead. I guarantee this kid was fucking appreciative to have Natasha and Lollipop wrap their legs around his head and rub their tits all over his face at the local Brunswick Lanes.

He’s appreciative because he’s got the cool mom. You know the one. She’s single. About 17 years older than her kid. She’s always buddy buddy with him. Buys him and his friends booze to drink in the basement. Pops in to throw a condom at him and his girlfriend when he’s got her bent over the couch. You know, the cool mom. Absolute travesty that she got arrested over this. Guaranteed everybody involved had a great time. Totally victimless crime.




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  1. John Boy permalink

    If I was a woman and someone compliments my deep cleavage and big,comely bosom, thats a victimless crime too. Its a pity so many throughout our planet are having this mirage created in their minds and believe its there.

  2. John Boy permalink

    It’s a travesty how many men are being needlessly arrested for their compliments of ladies bosom,cleavage,bosoms,nipples,rearends,etc., all because our cops,government,women lie to themselves.

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