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Chiming in on Gronk throwing Schefty over a Goalpost

February 21, 2013


So I need to go ahead and chime in on one of the hypotheticals that got thrown out on @KFCradio last night:

From how far away could Gronk, the “biggest man who ever lived” throw Adam Schefter over the field goal post?

First of all, KFC’s a functional retard for not knowing how deep an endzone is. “What, like 6 or 7 yards?” Fucking Jabroni. Secondly, given 0 details, Feitelberg was 1000% right in saying Gronk couldn’t do it from any distance. Unless Schefter wants to get basket tossed like a flyer on the competition cheerleading squad, it’s incredibly difficult to throw a person who doesn’t want to be thrown.

All of that aside, the guy who asked the question said Gronk was the biggest man on the planet… I mean I get exaggeration. I do it all the time when I talk about my dick. But Gronk’s not even the biggest guy on his team. He might be the guy who parties hardest, or the most publicly. But talking sheer mass or height? Oh well, Stoolies bein’ Stoolies.


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