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Cops Raid Ron Artest’s Condo Over Fake Guns, Gives Typical Ron Artest Response

February 21, 2013

LA Times — “At first when I seen the police, I was like, ‘What the hell is going on?” World Peace said. “I just got finished watching ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ or whatever that movie is. I’m like, ‘I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming. Is there a terrorist in the building? Do y’all need my help?'” After a brief conversation with the police, World Peace put on his Cookie Monster pajamas and accompanied them outside. World Peace was shocked by what he saw. “Like 20 cops’ cars are outside, like 10 more police,” he said. “My brother had his hands behind his back and [there were] helicopters. The whole Wilshire [Blvd.] was shut down. The street shut down. No cars nowhere.”

World Peace said that once the police realized that the suspects were actors, and that their guns were BB guns, the mood lightened.

I love the direct quote here. Writers just refusing to make him seem literate. Just reminds me that all the shit on twitter is exactly how some people actually talk. “When I seen the POlice”. Priceless. Watching “Zero Dark Thirty” and so delusional that he thinks he’s part of the movie. Classic Artest. Wearing Cookie Monster pajamas because Why Not? Your Ron motherfucking Artest. Shooting a shitty movie on Wilshire Bouleveard. Basically a walking, talking, elbow throwing stereotype.

This quote alone is a billion times worse and more embarrassing than anything Gronk ever did. So we can cut the shit about how he’s not getting enough media attention for knowing how to party. Honestly, the most surprising aspect of this is that they didn’t find any real guns. That’s the whole reason cops profile people. Because they’re usually right. Lowrider with spinners? Probably weed in there. 15 people packed in a sedan? Might find an illegal or 15 in there. Egg on LAPD’s face here. Total misfire.

P.S. I refuse to call that asshole Metta World Peace. Biggest fucking hardo on the planet. Just throwing bows and straight up fighting people on the court. One of the dirtiest players in the NBA wants everybody to call him World Peace. Not me. Won’t do it. At least Ochocinco made sense. If I just changed my legal name to Big Dick McGillicuddy that shit wouldn’t fly either, so this asshole’s not getting away with it.


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