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How Gross Is the Main Character on Girls?

February 22, 2013

Absolute best picture I could find. Yes that’s a tattoo and a yes that’s rat she’s carrying.

Honestly I love this show. It’s incredibly entertaining. Reminds me of every chick who I’ve ever seen cry over nothing and really gets deep into girly emotional shit that no sane man can possibly comprehend. I actually do respect the writing and attempted depravity they go into. Little girly view of the world, but hey what can you expect. Doesn’t hurt that I have a cousin who lives in Brooklyn which lets me picture him dealing with bitches like this on a daily basis.

My real problem is that the lead writer on the show is a 2/10 (being nice) and she likes to get buck ass naked in every episode. Basically have smokes like Brian Williams’ (host of Rock Center) slamshow of a daughter, Allison, running around while Miss “I don’t have body hangups” keeps popping her top instead.

Gotta give her credit for making it weird for B-Rock though. Had Ally fingerblasting herself in one ep. Making out with some hipster looking blonde in another. A+ stuff. I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s gonna get real weird for Allison real fast. Maybe she gets into EDM and starts snorting Molly off DJ’s dicks and wearing tutus to raves happening two blocks down from a Nets game. I don’t know. Just a suggestion for a direction to go.

P.S. I’m in lust with Allison Williams. I’m bored and rude. She’s talented and astoundingly hot. Her dad will hate me. Match made in heaven!


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