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Lance Armstrong About to Get Sued by Uncle Sam

February 22, 2013

WSJ — The U.S. Department of Justice has decided to join a whistleblower lawsuit against former cyclist Lance Armstrong, according to people briefed on the matter. The lawsuit, filed by Mr. Armstrong’s former teammate Floyd Landis, alleges that Mr. Armstrong and others on his former cycling team defrauded the U.S. government when they took sponsorship dollars from the U.S. Postal Service with the understanding that there would be no use of performance-enhancing drugs on the team. Under the federal False Claims Act, citizens can sue for alleged fraud against the government and receive a reward of as much as a third of any money recovered by the government. The Department of Justice can choose to join any false-claims lawsuit, increasing its chance of success.

Here it comes Lance. Get ready for the butthurt. As scummy as the whole crushing the hearts of millions of fans who admired and revered him thing was, absolutely nothing is scummier than this Floyd Landis cat. Suing on behalf of the government so he can get 1/3 of any money that’s recovered? Basically the biggest scumbag move on the planet. Even worse since he got caught doing the same shit. Probably not a good sign that the DOJ is just jumping on board with the lawsuit. Basically the judge’s boss is trying to dip their hand in whatever honeypot comes out of this cycling shakedown. Can’t see any conflict there…

Just goes to show that people can and will sue you for anything. Including being a sneaky asshole who got a ton of publicity for the postal service which was the whole point of the sponsorship. A company that’s basically the corporate equivalent of Terri Schiavo. Oh, and raising millions of dollars for cancer research. Oh, and cheating in a sport where you had to in order to be competitive because everybody was doing it due to the testing committee being some combo of incompetent and corrupt. Yeah he’s a real villain. Screw you Floyd Landis you hypocritical, loyalty lacking, money grubbing douche. Lowest of the low.


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