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J.J. Redick Made His Then Pregnant Girlfriend Sign an Abortion Contract His Rookie Year

July 23, 2013





MediaTakeout for full contract. Relevant bits below:

contract 1



In case you’re not up on legal jargon, let me quickly summarize:

This chick is pregnant. J.J. denies paternity. BUT. And that’s a big but. If she gets an abortion, he will attempt a relationship with her for 1 year. If it doesn’t pan out (it won’t), he’ll pay her $25,000. It was probably a really fun converstation before the lawyers got involved. Look baby, I need you to sign this contract. I won’t say what it’s about but it rhymes with shmashmortion. I think you should sign this and we should head to the shmashmortion clinic and get a shmashmortion.

That a boy J.J. Lawyer up. Can’t be running around like D-Wade with crazy baby mommas in the street. A 1-off abortion deal is for sure the way to go. I  probably would have sprung for Plan B personally. But I guess when you’re making $6.75 million a year, it’s probably easier to put a lawyer on retainer and raw dog chicks without remorse. That’s what a Duke education gets you folks. White boys who can shoot the j, savvy legal counsel, and $25k to blow on Johnny’s first(maybe) mistake. I say maybe, because most people probably don’t think to get their abortion contract notarized the first time around.


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